Thompson Chain Reference Bible

Thompson Chain Reference Bible

This study bible has been around longer than any other...
and is one of the most unique and most complimentary study
bibles available.  By “complimentary” we mean that it is
unusually well suited for use with other types of study bibles.  
Of course, many people like to use it alone as their primary
study bible.

What's unique about this study bible?

This bible does not have notes like nearly all other study
bibles.  It does not try to explain what scriptures mean, how to
apply them, or their theological significance.  Instead it leads
you into a topical reference system.  The topical reference
system features 100,000 references to over 8,000 topics.  

How does the reference system work?

It's worth taking a moment here to describe the topical
reference system since it is the heart and soul of this bible.  In
the back of the bible is a large section of scripture verses
arranged (mostly) alphabetically by topic.  Many have the
scriptures printed out in full.  Others have just the scripture
references to save space.  Each topic has a unique id
number.  There is an alphabetical index which allows you to
look up topics of interest.  But that's only half of the story.  

In the main body of this bible the pages are arranged in four
columns.  The inner two columns contain the scripture text.  In
the outer two columns, next to the verses of scripture, are the
names of the topics that relate to each verse of scripture,
along with the id numbers for each topic.  So you can easily
see all of the topics related to a particular verse and, using
the id numbers, look up those topics in the reference area at
the back of the bible.  There are over 100,000 of these topics
listed in the outer columns.

How does the reference system help me?

Following these id numbers into the back reference area can
be very rewarding.  You will often find more verses than you
imagined that are directly related to what you were reading
about.  And with the extensive “See also” cross references
that often appear you can enjoy a rich study of a topic of
interest with it's related subtopics.

Physical Construction

Kirkbride Publishing, who owns and produces the Thompson,
has a long history of quality construction.  Kirkbride bibles
feature a lifetime warranty.  

Binding - The bindings are smyth sewn.  This simply means
that the pages have a strong thread that keeps them together
rather than glue.  Most people prefer smyth sewn bindings
over glue bindings.  

Paper - The paper is quality is good and only has slight
bleed through.  Bleed-through occurs when the paper is not
as thick or opaque as it needs to be and you can see the text
printed on the reverse side of the paper.  Some people are
not bothered by bleed-through... others find it annoying... and
some simply cannot read text with significant bleed-through.

Versions Available

This bible is available in the King James Version (KJV), New
King James Version (NKJV), New American Standard Bible
(1977 revision) (NASB), the New International Version (NIV),
and the Reina Valera (1960) Spanish version (RVR).

Who is this bible best suited for?

Your Age
- The Thompson is primarily suited for high school
age and above.  Some individuals of junior high age will also
be confortable with the reference system.  For the most part,
it would not be approprite for middle school or elementary
school children.

Your Style - If you are a person who likes to let the
scriptures “speak” to you without being influenced by support
material written by current biblical experts then this is the
bible for you.  It has more non-commentary helps than any
study bible currently in print.

Your Work in the Church - If you like to find lots of
passages related to a specific topic to prepare for Sunday
School lessons, small group bible study discussions, or for
sermon preparation, this bible has no equal.

Your Background - If you are a person who does not have
a good background in biblical teaching, find scripture difficult
to understand without notes, or just want and use notes
extensively, then you may want to consider one of the other
study bibles on this site, but....

remember what we said about this bible being
complimentary?  If you are a person who prefers study bibles
with notes, you should still consider this study bible as a
second bible.  And to really get the most for your money, and
your study time, buy a study bible with notes, and a
Thompson in a different version.  This is a great combination.

Your Vision - If you are a person with vision difficulties the
Thompson may not work well.  The standard size Thompson
has smaller than average print.  The King James Version and
New International Version editions are available in large print,
but the large print is not as large as the industry standard 10
point, 11 point, or 12 point size.  If you can read 10 point print
then you may be all right with a large print Thompson.  But if
you need a solid 11 point or 12 point text then the text in the
Thompson may be too small for you.


The Thompson Chain Reference should be on the shelf of
every person who is serious about bible study.
Yes!  I want one!
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