Your Guide to the Perfect Study Bible
I want a study bible that's right for me.
There are many wonderful study bibles being published by  
fine Christian publishers.  But sometimes the number of
choices can be a bit overwhelming.  That's where Study Bible
World can help.
How can Study Bible World help me?

  • Learn about the strengths of each study bible
  • Discover which type of study bible is best for you
  • Purchase your perfect study bible right here
How do I use Study Bible World?
Browse through the study bibles.  As you do you'll receive guidance that will
help you choose the study bible that's best for you.  When you're ready  you
can purchase your study bible right here.
How does Study Bible World make choosing a bible
Study Bible World does two things to help you choose the
study bible that's best for you:

1.  Reduce the number of choices

Only study bibles that have proven themselves to be of
exceptional value to a wide variety people are included here.

2.  Offer guidance (not reviews)

Information describing the contents, physical construction,
significant features, and other characteristics of each study
bible is presented.  Then guidance is offered to help you
know if it's a good choice for you.  

Each person has unique needs, and each study bible has
unique features. Study Bible World tries to guide each person
to the study bible, or bibles, that best meet their needs.
Final Note

It is possible for you to occassionally find a note you disagree
with in any study bible. That's ok. The study bibles on this
website have proven themselves to be some of the finest
currently available.

Read them. Enjoy them. Live them.