About Us
How would I choose a study bible without Study Bible
To choose a study bible on your own you would do one of the

1.  Go to a local bookstore and browse through the shelves of
study bibles.

This isn't bad... in fact many people find it to be quite
enjoyable and educational.  Other people, however, find it
stressful and overwhelming.

2.  Go to an online bookseller and browse through the many
available study bibles.

Depending on your personality, this may include visiting
multiple sites and reading many reviews to see what other
people have to say about each study bible.  This isn't bad
either... in fact some people find this to be enjoyable as well.  
But other people find this even more overwhelming than
going to the physical bookstore.
How honest is the guidance Study Bible World
Study Bible World's intent is to provide guidance that is
honest enough to be useful, but open minded enough to
acknowledge that a study bible that is not right for one
person... is right for another.
But I don't want yet another website to have my credit
card numbers or other personal information.
We understand... and the good new is... we don't acquire any
information about you when you shop here.  Christianbook
handles all of the financial information, shipping, and returns
if necessary.  Study Bible World does not acquire any
information about you.
Does Study Bible World have a warehouse somewhere
that is filled with the products shown on these pages?
No.  We are a proud affiliate site for Christianbook.com.  
Christianbook is the largest Christian bookseller in the world.
They carry an incredible variety of products.
How did Study Bible World get started?
The founder of this site has had a lifetime love of study
bibles... and owns more of them than any human needs to
own (just ask the spouse).  The idea for this site came from
years of shopping in Christian bookstores and observing
people struggling to purchase study bibles.  These people
often had little idea of what features they needed, what
features existed, how translations affect readability and
perception, etc.  

The creation of the many new study bibles in the last 20
years, combined with the existence of large Internet
booksellers - booksellers so large they can't even fit in a
physical store - has been wonderful for the knowledgeable
buyer, but has created a difficult circumstance for those who
feel bewildered by all of the choices.

Study Bible World strives to help the person who wants to
study God's word, wants to understand it, is serious about
learning, but just doesn't know where to start.
Why should I make a purchase through this site... why
not go straight to Christianbook?
That's a fair question.

Large booksellers like Christianbook provide a wonderful
service... selection.

They make many thousands of products available to their
customers.  And they do a great job providing that service.

Study Bible World provides a different service... guidance.  

We do our best to help you find the right study bible with
minimal effort.  And we strive to do a great job of providing
that service.
How are we at Study Bible World compensated for our
When you find the study bible that's right for you just click on
the “Purchase” button. You'll be taken to Christianbook.com.  
They know that you have come to them from Study Bible
World and pay us a commission on all of the items you
purchase at that time.  You do not need to purchase any of
the bibles we feature on our site for us to receive credit for
your purchases.

You will not pay more for products by going through our site
than you would by purchasing them directly from
Christianbook.  They will not take any longer to ship.  And you
can return your purchased items to Christianbook if you are
not satisfied. There are no disadvantages for you.

We try very hard to provide the guidance that will help you
find the study bible you need and want. Please consider
placing your order through us.