MacArthur Study Bible
MacArthur Study Bible

The MacArthur Study Bible is the only one-man note-oriented
study bible in this website.  This is a good study bible and is
different from the others in several  respects.

What's unique about this study bible?

This is the only study bible currently on the market that offers
the NASB translation in large print.  And it is one of only two
study bibles that offer the New King James Version in large

This bible has maps, charts, book summaries, and lots of
cross references.  And depending on the edition, it also has a
concordance and/or topical index.  But the most unique
feature of this bible are the notes.

The MacArthur Study Bible features approximately 15,000
notes.  These notes tend to be longer, include more detail,
and more supporting scripture references than most study
bibles.  The notes are strong on theology, but also offer
historical, cultural, linguistic, and devotional material as well.  
They are extensive and interesting.

How does this study bible help me?

This study bible is great to use by itself, because it has such
a wide variety of features and because the notes are so
extensive.  And, it's great to use with other study bibles
because the notes tend to contain more information and have
more scriptural support than the notes in the other study

If you prefer the New American Standard translation or the
New King James Version, this is the only study bible on this
website that has large print editions using these two

Physical Construction

- The bindings are glued rather than smyth sewn.  
This is one weakness of this bible.

(Glued bindings have pages are glued to the binding rather
than being held in place by the strong threads that are used
in smyth sewn bindings.  Most people prefer smyth sewn
bindings over glued bindings.)

Paper - The paper quality could be improved.  There is
noticeable bleed-through on some pages.

(Bleed-through occurs when the paper is not as thick or
opaque as it needs to be and you can see the text printed on
the reverse side of the paper.  Some people are not bothered
by bleed-through... others find it annoying... and some simply
cannot read text with significant bleed-through.)

Versions Available

This bible is available in the:

  • New American Standard Bible (NASB)
  • New King James Version (NKJV).

Both are versions are available in a small print personal-size
edition, standard print edition, and large print edition.

Who is this bible best suited for?

Your Age
- The MacArthur Study Bible is well suited for high
school age and above.  The notes would tend to be too
dificult for for middle school or elementary school children.

Your Style – If you like to read scripture and have extensive
notes at your disposal then this is a great study bible.

Your Work in the Church – This bible is very useful for
Sunday School lesson preparation, small group bible study
discussions, and sermon preparation.

Your Background – People with a wide variety of
backgrounds will find this bible useful and enjoyable.

Your Vision - If you are a person with vision difficulties the
large print editions of this bible are very good.  The print size
used for the notes especially is larger than that used in most
other large print study bibles.


This study bible has notes which are extensive, interesting,
and supported by many scripture references.  It is important
for those who prefer the NASB or NKJV versions of the bible,
especially for those who require large print.
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